Class "B" IP BLOCK

Eric Kuhnke eric at
Tue Apr 29 19:20:30 UTC 2003

>It can't be transfered. The netblock is allocated to who ARIN says it is. If they do decide to do recalls, just posting the block in this forum is enough to initiate a utilization check. Besides, why would someone pay for something they can get for free? Show need, and it is given. I'm sure someone would love a /16 to brag about, but good luck getting ARIN to alter who owns it.

I received this from the guy selling the /16: 

Hope this helps. We've received bids today up to $175K, and if you are
interested expect to close when bidding reaches $250K. My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.  


For $175,000 , wouldn't it make more sense to spend $175k on routers, network connectivity, and other equipment to create an actual business for the purpose of justifying a /16 request?  At least that way, ARIN can't arbitrarily decide to "steal" your $175k investment by repossessing unused IP space.  I wonder if that $175k should be wired to a bank account in Nauru...   


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