Who is announcing bogons?

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Tue Apr 29 19:15:06 UTC 2003

> > the fun part is watching the bgp announce/withdraws in unallocated space.
> > (no matter what microsoft may have learned from their survey, most isp's
> > don't seem to care which prefixes their bgp-speaking customers advertise.)
> So which ISPs are confused?  Bogon's don't spontaneously occur in BGP.
> Some ASN must originate them, and ASNs must pass them to other ASNs.
> BGP helpfully includes the ASNs in the path.

geoff huston is the only person i know who's making formal progress on that
question.  i know from some zebra log files that iana's unallocated space gets
advertised from time to time, then withdrawn. presumably an attack was launched
during the announcement but i don't have any data showing this.

> What should be done about ASNs which repeatedly announce false or
> unauthorized routes?

apparently, nothing.  to the extent that peering is by agreement, the majority
of such agreements now in force do not require the other party to route-filter
their customers.  which is funny, since they tend to drone on endlessly about
the importance of a 24x7 NOC, which in operational practice, matters lots less.

(btw, anybody signed a peering agreement which requires an [email protected] mailbox yet?)

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