Get as much IP space as you ever dreamed of, was: Re: Looking to buy IPv4 addresses from class C swamp

Daniel Golding dgold at FDFNet.Net
Tue Apr 29 14:39:03 UTC 2003


Assertions made in the IETF are not necessarily correct or proper. The
past few years have led to a rash of bankruptcies in the technology
sector, which has led to substantial unrouted space. In any case, a "use
it or lose it" rule is completely in accord with the spirit of the
issuance guidelines - you are only supposed to ask for what you can use,
and you should return what you don't use. However, the assumption that
folks are altruistic is basically false. There is no reward for returning
IP space, therefore folks will not do it. IRRs, as the proper
administrative authority should step in.

I also understand that there is some kind of mental "red line" concerning
the IP  space that was issued before ARIN came into existance, for some
folks. There needs to be a  consensus amongst ICANN/IANA/ISI/IETF that the
IRRs should have full authority for both current and legacy space.

- Dan

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003, Stephen Sprunk wrote:

> Thus spake "Daniel Golding" <dgold at FDFNet.Net>
> > ARIN needs to repo any space that has [not] been advertised for a
> > reasonable length of time, and reissue it.
> So you're claiming that ARIN should revoke any allocations, including those
> made before it came into existence, simply because the addresses aren't in
> the global tables?
> If that's the position of the community, that's a drastic change from
> assertions made in the IETF WGs and may affect address allocation guidelines
> and even some protocol work.
> S
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