Selfish routing

Mike Lloyd drmike at
Sat Apr 26 23:03:48 UTC 2003

Barney Wolff wrote:
> I find it odd that the reaction of nanog readers to the paper title
> is as though the paper said the opposite of what it does.

Granted, but then, Roughgarden's work generally seems to get reported on 
backwards.  What's a poor journalist to do?  Write a story on how 
selfish routing helps the Internet? :-)

> In brief,
> the paper's says that under certain assumptions the globally optimal
> latency would be only 25% better than the selfish result.

If I might, his model says the best is between 0% and a max of 25% 
better than the selfish result.  Selfish routing may actually get us the 
best possible Internet, although that is not proven.


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