Selfish routing

alex at alex at
Sat Apr 26 03:21:09 UTC 2003

> Yes but... I seem to recall a few things about the network you are
> referring to (the "You are confused" is kindof a tip-off :P), and one of 
> those things was the complete and total meltdown with every fiber cut.

That was a totally braindead design - claiming that no backup path is better
than an ATM backup path is just silly.

> Sometimes you can win the battle with quantity of service, and sometimes
> you just don't have a choice in the matter... Why throw away the ability 
> to keep your network alive in the event of fiber cuts, DoS, or just the 
> realities of business, because of engineering religion...


However, claims "we have a special technology that magically avoids problems
in the networks that we do not control" is the egineering religion.


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