Open relays and open proxies

Daniel Concepcion dani at
Fri Apr 25 14:31:33 UTC 2003

> > I think that the end of the spam and open relays will be  when the smtp
> > servers talk only with servers  with trust.
> Amazingly, even though I am posting in this thread... it is *not* about
> spam.

Uops, sorry for the mistake ;) But for me the spam is really a big problem 
when use open proxys or relays or misconfigured smtp servers.

> Don't be fooled by the mention of open relays.  Open proxies are abused for
> many purposes, of which spam is a minor one.  I've seen open proxies in
> recent DoS source addresses for example.

The big problem in dDoS are the smurf, virus and trojans. Generally every 
machine infected have an open proxy. But the open proxy itself isn't 
dangerous. They are only use as intermediate hop for attack machines or 
control other trojans. 


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