Selfish routing

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Thu Apr 24 06:29:20 UTC 2003

On Thu, 24 Apr 2003, Deepak Jain wrote:

:: The article (mentioned RouteScience's "product"). RS didn't seem to talk
:: about doing anything bad (other than pinging/monitoring) end-user
:: performance destinations. I suppose that could add an unacceptable amount of
:: overhead to some connections, but it looked like it just dynamically
:: adjusted certain BGP prefs in one networks' edge routers out of the
:: available egress connections. It didn't talk about source routing or
:: anything that would attempt to make "in-between" hop decisions discretely.
:: How is this a bad thing? How is this different than what SAVVIS or Internap
:: claim to do?
:: Or did I miss the point of the discussion on selfish routing?

Not to say you missed the point, but i think the purpose of mentioning 
RS was to suggest that there are people working on optimizing internet 
performance within the existing routing framework of the net. Dr.
Roughgarden's work is completely different and has primarily been proved 
on theoretical models, and not anyone's IP network. 



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