Traffic broken down by application protocol?

Marshall Eubanks tme at
Wed Apr 23 15:06:55 UTC 2003


I would look at the Netflow statistics maintained by Anatoly Karp and 
Stanislav Shalunov

True, it's for Internet2 only, but I do not know of a similar resource
on I1.

On Wednesday, April 23, 2003, at 10:59 AM, Matt Larson wrote:

> I'm looking for statistics on the composition of Internet backbone
> traffic broken down by application protocol.  Ideally, I'd be
> interested in a list showing the relative percentage of packets by TCP
> and UDP destination port of some large sample of Internet traffic.
> But I'll take any statistics related to application protocol traffic
> distribution that I can get.
> If anyone has information that they would be willing to share publicly
> or privately, I would be grateful for it.  Alternately, if anyone is
> aware of such information publicly available, I would be grateful for
> pointers to that, too.
> Thanks,
> Matt Larson
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