IPv6 Space at Public Exchanges

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Sun Apr 20 09:24:57 UTC 2003

Michael K. Smith wrote:
> Does anyone know if there are plans for IPv6 address space to be made
> available at the various public exchanges for the purpose of 
> IPv6 peering
> between existing IPv4 peers?

Next to the space from ep.net there is also some 'universal' space
from the RIR's called 'Global IPv6 Internet Exchange Points
Check http://www.ripe.net/ipv6/ipv6allocs.html at the bottom for 
a list. Apparently (quite probably due to ep.net ;) there are no
ARIN delegations yet though. Is there a list Bill?
RIPE count is at 26, APNIC at 7. Note that IXP's can also use
any other space, eg from the company or something.
The above mentioned space should not be announced to any
other parties who are not directly connected to the IXP btw.
See the docs about the space for more details though.
Notez bien that it are only /48's and /64, only TLA's should
be announced unless you have some private commitment.
Also see http://www.space.net/~gert/RIPE/ipv6-filters.html


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