DS3 Coax..

Andy Ellifson andy at ellifson.com
Thu Apr 17 17:07:22 UTC 2003

735 DS-3 cable has a specification max length of 225'.  734 DS-3 cable
has a specification max length of 450'.  When you use this long cable
length, the mux that is providing the DS-3 needs to have the pads
removed (or provisioned) for a long cable run.

Transition Networks (and others) make DS-3 fiber converters.  They are
not cheap.  This would be my preferred method as fiber (especially OSP)
is much better suited for outdoor exposure and temperature changes.


--- "Mike (meuon) Harrison" <meuon at highertech.net> wrote:
> I need to run a DS3 across our parking lot.. Seriously. 
> What's the max length I can use coax for (I know, gotta use a GID), 
> and what's the best brand/type of coax I can use? It'll be through 
> innerduct.. Looking for some real world answers from people that do
> a LOT more of this than me..  (It might take 350-400 feet). 

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