Congrats to Alternet/UUNET/MFS/Worldcom/MCI IP Network Security Team

McBurnett, Jim jmcburnett at
Thu Apr 17 12:25:26 UTC 2003

I hate to be the downtroden one... 
But did you REALLY see the date of that news release..


Good Job folks.....


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>Subject: Congrats to Alternet/UUNET/MFS/Worldcom/MCI IP 
>Network Security
>In an April 1 press release.
>WorldCom's First Class Security Team In addition to the company awards,
>four of WorldCom's principal security experts, Chris Morrow, network
>security manager; Brian W. Gemberling, senior network security 
>Blaine S. Christian, manager of traffic engineering and support and
>Heather Skanks, network security specialist, were recognized 
>by the SANS
>Institute as instrumental in successfully developing and executing
>remediation plans for both the DDOS and worm attacks.

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