Independent space from ARIN

Hank Nussbacher hank at
Tue Apr 15 05:39:48 UTC 2003

>Brandon Ross wrote:
> > The solution to the problems posted in this thread about ARIN is fairly
> > simple.  It's time to deregulate the IP address market and convert to a
> > free market approach to allocating IP addresses.  If address space could
> > be bought and sold on a free market you would no longer have to justify
> > your address space to anyone, saving untold amount of resources and costs
> > pulling these reports together.  Of course, address space wouldn't be
> > wasted the way it is today by organizations that hoard it, or by companies
> > that go out of business because it would make sound financial sense to
> > sell what you don't need.

I am sure Microsoft would love to have this implemented.  For them to drop, 
say, $5b and buy up all remaining available IP address space is no big 
deal.  Then, anytime you boot up Win/XP2 you would be assigned an IP 
address from their pool (MS/DHCPv4) so that you could work on their new 
IP/XP2 network which used to be called the Internet.  Of course every time 
you boot, your credit card would be debitted $1.

After implementing IP/XP2 and amassing a war-chest of about $80b, I had 
heard they were interested in buying up initially all phone numbers in the 
United States since phone numbers should be converted to a free market 


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