Independent space from ARIN

Vadim Antonov avg at
Mon Apr 14 22:33:43 UTC 2003

I'm wondering why nobody proposed a very simple solution for the conflict
beteen "economical" model of address allocation (i.e. address space
trading) and the need for hierarchical addressing:  allow ownership of the
_amount_ of address space, but leave definition of exact addresses to the
exising allocation mechanisms through upstream ISPs.

This way if you show an ISP that you have a title for, say, /25 block,
they _have_ to allocate you addresses from their address space;
correspondingly, their upstream provider, or ARIN _have_ to increase their
allocation if they have shown that their customers posess titles to fill
their existing allocation.

Then, organizations (or their liquidators) can trade the address space
without breaking the route aggregation.

The obvious problem is what to do with poor countries.


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