Dealing with ARIN.. my experiences & tips

Stephen Sprunk stephen at
Mon Apr 14 21:20:13 UTC 2003

Thus spake "Jeff McAdams" <jeffm at>
> As for some specific policy points that I think are bogus.  ... but
> situations, such as a desire to renumber out of PA space, should be
> considered much more strongly than it is currently.

Let me throw in one policy I've been wanting for years, which would fix
most/all of Jeff's problems:

RIRs should allow a member to voluntarily renumber several disparate
allocations into a single prefix.  The original allocations would be forfeit
after a reasonable renumbering period, e.g. 6 months.  If the member has at
least one PI allocation, they should be allowed to combine it with PA
allocations into a new, larger PI allocation.

More importantly, a quick study in logic shows there should be no
requirement for the existing space to meet RFC2050 requirements -- the space
is already allocated.  After the renumbering period there's no net damage to
the IPv4 "shortage" since similar amounts of space would be assigned, but it
would be a great help to the global routing system.


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