Independent space from ARIN

Stephen Sprunk stephen at
Mon Apr 14 21:25:42 UTC 2003

> Also Sprach bdragon at
> > Even if you_are_ telling the truth, the number of folks on this list
> > who have stated that they've advocated lying, or have helped
> > people lie seems to tell me that ARIN shouldn't believe you.

Thus spake "Jeff McAdams" <jeffm at>
> I haven't seen anyone in this thread advocate lying...though I don't
> follow all nanog posts, so I don't know if it may have happened in
> other threads...if so, I find that reprehensible.

In the past, many folks have noted that telling ARIN the truth -- even when
in compliance with their posted policies and RFC2050 -- often does not get
requests approved.  If the only way to get approved is to lie, that is what
people will do.  If ARIN finds significant numbers of its applicants are
lying, perhaps they ought to reexamine why they're denying so many
legitimate requests.


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