Independent space from ARIN

Kris Foster Kris.Foster at
Mon Apr 14 20:31:57 UTC 2003

> > Was this tongue in cheek?
> Nope.
> > I am not an economist, but this is a sure fire way to 
> destroy the internet
> > as we know it today.
> Why is this so hard to believe?  Real estate is mostly a free 
> market, and
> that seems to perform pretty well for the most part.  How is 
> address space
> that different?  Please explain how you believe this would destroy the
> internet.

There is a finite amount of IPv4 address space.  If you recall the spectrum
auctions of years past, only the ultra-wealthy become owners of it.

The only good thing that would come of it, would be forcing everyone to
transition to IPv6.


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