whois for just prefix list

Nipper, Arnold arnold at nipper.de
Mon Apr 14 13:20:57 UTC 2003

AFAIK most you can get is a prefix-list per aut-num with the extended whois
server. E.g.

whois -h whois.radb.net \!gas2914

gives you all of the registered prefixes for AS 2914. If you want to have
the same data for a given macro you have to first resolve the macro. E.g.

whois-h whois.radb.net \iAS-VERIO,1

which recursively resolves all of the macros within AS-VERIO.

I do this for the DE-CIX routeservers once a day to compile as- and
prefix-lists. While as-lists may be useful I guess most of the prefix-lists
are more or less useless. E.g. prefix-list has 10k entries whereas the
actual announcement is about 1k prefixes.


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> irr whois servers seem to vary a bit.  is there one simple
> query that, given an as-macro or aut-num, produces the list
> of prefixes one should accept?
> randy

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