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>>I fear you propose that he move the first 3276.8 hosts, request a
>>second block, move another 3276.8 hosts, request a third block, etc.
>>until he's got a dozen new allocations which can't be aggregated.
>>Perhaps this explains the explosive growth in the routing tables since
>>ARIN took over.

>Well, the /20 is merely part of the initial allocation guidelines of

Yes...following policy over common sense.  Exactly as I feared.

>Yes, moving the smattering of other blocks into the /20, returning
>those to whichever provider from whence they came. Renumbering as much
>of the original /20 as possible, and then requesting additional space.

>In my experience, at having renumbered about a /17 of PA space into PI
>space, the process is fairly painless outside of customer interaction.

I'm not sure how much of your space renumbering required customer interaction,
but my estimation is that fully 90% of the space in question here would
have required customer interaction to renumber.  While I wouldn't be
surprised that many initial allocations are very inefficiently used,
that wasn't the case here...and isn't that the whole *point* of the
justification information that we have to give to ARIN to get more
space?  So that they can figure out for themselves how well utilized the
space was?

Again, we had greater than 80% utilization on *all* of our blocks...not
just the most recently allocated one, and closer to 90% on most of them.  
The documentation that we gave to ARIN in support of our request showed
this as well.

>His error was that he expected that ARIN would just give him more space
>than what he had in PA space.

My "error" was that I expected ARIN would give me enough space to
renumber out of my current space as their documentation on their website
seems to indicate is necessary.  Silly me.

>This would just be silly of ARIN for several reasons:

Yeah, it would be silly of ARIN to actually abide by the documentation
that they post on their silly.

>1) Many companies provide address space based upon policies other than
>justified use, such as based upon circuit size.

We cap the amount of address space based on circuit size, but always
require justification.  All of our policies are available on our
website, and I would have been happy to share them with ARIN upon
request...I wasn't asked.

>2) Many initial allocations are used very inefficiently, with lots of
>holes, networks larger than needed, etc.

Which, as I said, is the whole point of the justification paperwork.
We, actually, went back and re-engineered and re-numbered within the
space that we had from upstream, for several years to increase our
efficiency of our usage.  Yes, we originally had some situations where
we had 3 routers on a network with a /24...but by the time we made a
request for space from ARIN, those inefficiencies were *LONG* gone.
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