Remote hands ANYWHERE?

k. scott bethke kbethke at
Sun Apr 13 23:58:31 UTC 2003

That's funny; you know I was just telling someone about this Friday..  One
thing I notice about the colo/ibx/peering buildings is there is always
someone there..  Granted they are working on their own stuff but if there
was some way collectively if we could all show up on a website when we are
"in working" it would be a great resource of people to ask at least.  I'd be
happy to help if I was on site when someone needed something.  I bet we
could get some sort of co-op from the datacenters themselves too (using
in-house badge/bioscan/etc) to allow the registered members info of in-time
to be passed to a website.

Combine that with a list of people in each area to contact willing to come
in and do stuff no matter where they are or what they are doing and you may
have 90% of your solution.  I don't think we are talking about a free
service here either.  I bet lots of people would be willing to help if they
were in the area and were going to get some booty cash.


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> At 03:52 PM 4/13/2003, you wrote:
> >We would also have need for occasional non-emergency upgrades and
> >additions.  The reason we'd like a company is that we don't want someone
> >on vacation at exactly the time we need those hands on our boxes.
> >
> >With the amount of internet equipment scattered around the US (and the
> >world) it seems like there's a business here for somebody.  Just not us.
> This sort of thing has occurred to me several times. I'm available here in
> Chicago and would be happy to lend a hand when needed, but we've got some
> equipment scattered here too and I could use some help when I'm not
> available at home as well.
> Any thoughts/comments about some kind of web based
> site for people/companies willing to work as remote hands, what
> they're available in, hours of availability and the such. Companies such
> you can use it to find long term arrangements such as this, or even just
> use it as a reference when you have a router die at 3am half way across
> planet and you can't reach your employee there and need to find someone
> I'd be willing to whip up something like this and host it. The only thing
> holding me back is the uncertainty that something like this would actually
> be used. I think it'd be a great tool for companies to find people in a
> pinch, and great for network engineers to get the occasional bit of work.
> If any of you would like to let me know (off list) what your thoughts are
> on this, features or suggestions, and I'll summarize later.

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