Remote hands ANYWHERE?

Kevin Day toasty at
Sun Apr 13 23:31:48 UTC 2003

At 03:52 PM 4/13/2003, you wrote:
>We would also have need for occasional non-emergency upgrades and
>additions.  The reason we'd like a company is that we don't want someone
>on vacation at exactly the time we need those hands on our boxes.
>With the amount of internet equipment scattered around the US (and the
>world) it seems like there's a business here for somebody.  Just not us.

This sort of thing has occurred to me several times. I'm available here in 
Chicago and would be happy to lend a hand when needed, but we've got some 
equipment scattered here too and I could use some help when I'm not 
available at home as well.

Any thoughts/comments about some kind of web based clearinghouse/matchmaker 
site for people/companies willing to work as remote hands, what city/cities 
they're available in, hours of availability and the such. Companies such as 
you can use it to find long term arrangements such as this, or even just 
use it as a reference when you have a router die at 3am half way across the 
planet and you can't reach your employee there and need to find someone NOW?

I'd be willing to whip up something like this and host it. The only thing 
holding me back is the uncertainty that something like this would actually 
be used. I think it'd be a great tool for companies to find people in a 
pinch, and great for network engineers to get the occasional bit of work.

If any of you would like to let me know (off list) what your thoughts are 
on this, features or suggestions, and I'll summarize later.

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