bandwidth estimation tools that `suck the least' [ippm] pathrate & pathload]

k claffy kc at
Sat Apr 12 00:53:41 UTC 2003

anyone willing to help by sending unsatisfying output 
back to the knightly development team
(with as much information as you have about the
infrastructure being gauged) 
will be of great help to some incredibly talented members
of the research community beating at this holy grail 

trying it out and deciding it doesn't work as well as you need
and not sending any feedback that might help the authors improve it
doesn't help anyone at all

but you knew that already

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  Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 16:47:07 -0400 (EDT)
  From: Constantine Dovrolis <dovrolis at>
  Subject: [ippm] pathrate & pathload
  To: ippm at
  cc: Manish Jain <jain at>, Ravi Shanker Prasad <ravi at>
  We would like to announce a new release of our bandwidth
  estimation tools: pathrate and pathload. Pathrate measures
  end-to-end capacity (aka bottleneck bandwidth), while
  Pathload measures end-to-end available bandwidth.
  Both tools are available at:
  The major differences in the new versions:
  Pathrate - 2.3.0
  * The tool has been also tested in Gigabit Ethernet paths. We added
  functionality to deal with interrupt coalescion  at the receiver.
  * A "quick termination" mode (option -Q) was added for an estimate
  after just a few seconds. Useful for frequent light-weight measurements.
  * Support for netlogger output format.
  Pathload - 1.1.0
  * The previous version was able to measure available bandwidth
  only in the 2Mbps-120Mbps range. The latest version has been
  successfully tested in both low bandwidth paths (dial-up, DSL,
  cable modems), and in high bandwidth paths (OC-3, OC-12, GigEthernet).
  If the receiver does interrupt coalescion, the tool can only
  report a lower bound on the available bandwidth.
  * The tool can now automatically choose an appropriate bandwidth
  resolution (previously this was a user-specified parameter).
  * Support for netlogger output format.
  Constantinos, Manish, and Ravi.
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