NANOG/ARIN in Chicago

Daniel Golding dgold at FDFNet.Net
Fri Apr 11 16:51:31 UTC 2003

This is a joke, right? A disagreement over civil aviation and local
politics is being labeled as "terrorism" and for this (completely
off-topic) reason, we are to somehow protest or boycott? I sincerely doubt
that this situation will have any kind of significant impact on NANOG or
ARIN attendance.

- Dan

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Mark Radabaugh wrote:

> > As such, it is not unlikely that mayor Daley's act of terrorism (done in
> the
> > name of security, by the way) has operational impact.  Hopefully by
> October,
> > Meigs will be operational and this will be moot.  However, if it is not,
> it
> > will be very difficult for me to bring myself to attend.  (If it were
> > anything
> > less than ARIN/NANOG, I simply would not attend).
> >
> > If anyone wants more information about the destruction of Meigs field,
> > please see  Please send any comments/questions to
> > me off-list.  I suspect the rest of the group doesn't want to hear the
> > flames/etc.
> >
> > Owen
> > (donning nomex now)
> Actually I'm glad to see it brought up.  As a fellow pilot I am equally
> appalled by the mayors actions.  I agree completely with the boycott and
> would like to see this brought to the attention of the city that ARIN/NANOG
> may have trouble attracting members to Chicago due to the terrorist acts of
> their mayor.
> Mark Radabaugh
> Amplex
> (419) 720-3635

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