The Paradox of Commoditization

Peter Galbavy peter.galbavy at
Thu Apr 10 16:36:26 UTC 2003

Gordon Cook wrote:
> Peter  G's point,
> sorry -- it was anything but a very thinly veiled jingoistic plug for
> 'Made in USA'    It is my best attempt to report what i see.  And
> that is that " made in the USA" is to some extent it
> or not.  This part is reality and inexorable.  It was a lament for

Maybe I was too flippant. I was referring to my overall impression that the
article complains that 'globalisation' is taking work overseas and returning
it as a finished product - to the detriment of 'home' markets. I got the
references to the monopolies on the local loop, but to me - given the lack
of investment by new entrants - that is a sad given. Here in the EU as well
as elsewhere.


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