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In all fairness, civil servants often get stuck with jobs that fall outside
their realm of expertise, but need to get done none the less. Also remember
that the budget of a public school is a little different from yours, and
does not have the in-house resources of a telecom focused business. At least
he was smart enough to know where to go for some help.


He didn't ask anyone to design his power setup, or his cages. He simply
asked for some insight to make sure the way his electrical engineer was
doing things wouldn't cause more problems down the road.



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I think maybe the reason you are being flamed is because generally people
put in charge with the design/roll out of a data center environment should
already know something about the logistics of such a project. Whether it is
power, network, or pretty much any aspect of it for that matter. Also it can
be fairly hard to determine the power requirements of a location without
specific information, and the lack of said information probably frustrated


Just a little editorial on why you may be getting flamed.





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To throw some water on the flames that I have been receiving, I will be
posting a summary of everyone's good information this weekend when I get
time.  It is my intention to make that information available to the
community.  Calling me names is childish and unnecessary.  Again, thanks to
those that took the time to participate.


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