Router too busy???

k. scott bethke kbethke at
Wed Apr 2 00:29:35 UTC 2003

Wow thought I was alone in the world on that one.  I dont run a web server
on my VXR but telnet and ssh did indeed go away.  this was after about 250
days of uptime.  I had been very happy with this version of IOS.

I was able to access the router OOB on the console port so it wasnt too
urgent, and  much like you guys a reboot fixed everything.  I can swear in a
court of law that everything else seemed to work fine (Save the normal cef
bugs and general other IOS Roulette thingys)



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> We had what I would say is exactly the same problem last Thursday around
> The traffic lights on the router were pegged solid as usual, so it appeard
to be
> up and running, but not really passing any useful traffic.  Telnetting to
it was
> pretty much useless, although it did glimmer to work for a minute but not
> to get in and see what was going on.  It did not reload itself.  We power
> it, and it was fine.
> Running c7200-jk9o3s-mz.122-8.T5.bin
> Dan.
> "Mark J. Scheller" wrote:
> > This last Saturday (29 Mar 2003), about 4pm Eastern time my router --
for lack
> > of a better term -- wigged out.  I was able to ping to & through it,
> > any attempt to get a TCP connection (specifically ssh and http) was
> > immediately terminated.  I think DNS was working fine, which would hint
> > UDP was getting through as well, but I won't swear to that in court.
> >
> > After convincing someone to drive to its location and do a power cycle,
> > rebooted happily and has run fine since.  My mrtg graphs show that the
CPU was
> > pegged at 100% during the time it was acting up; memory was fine;
traffic was
> > (not surprisingly) very low -- and no spike prior to the CPU getting
> >
> > I've been running this version of IOS since it was released as a
response to
> > the flaw found in SNMP.... and the router has been rock solid!  CPU is
> > normally 15-20% with occasional spikes, but never for long.  Memory
> > slowly, but never dropping below 20MB.
> >
> > Has anyone seen anything like this before?  Basically, I'm wondering
> > this may be an IOS bug or whether I may have hardware on its way out or
> > whether this was some kind of new crafty DoS attack.
> >
> > TIA!
> >
> > Mark J. Scheller (scheller at

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