South Asia Network Operators Group (SANOG)

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>From multiple news sources. Please correct me if I'm wrong, your message
happened to come out as I hear about "possible" issues in Nepal.


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Is this from personal experience, or believing the media?


At 23:27 27/11/2002 -0500, Poyerd, Denis wrote:
>Nepal?  Kind of an unstable location these days.
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>This is an FYI only...
>The first meeting of the South Asia Network Operators Group (SANOG)
>take place alongside ITConference2003 (
>Kathmandu, Nepal on 23rd-27th January 2003.
>Its aimed at ISPs and Network Operators in the South Asia region,
>encompassing the Indian subcontinent and neighbouring countries. SANOG
>doesn't quite yet have a website, but hopefully this isn't too far off.
>This is the first attempt to create such an operators group in this
>Asia; if anyone is interested in supporting this new NOG, please feel
>to contact Gaurab Raj Upadhaya <gaurab at> who is organising the

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