Risk of Internet collapse grows

Richard Irving rirving at onecall.net
Wed Nov 27 21:53:01 UTC 2002

I thought we agreed, no politics....
or, =functional= public disruption strategies!



A historic moment, the very first head of "homeland security",
makes a patriotic speech at a GOP convention:


(Click Twice, QID ;)
Vadim Antonov wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Nov 2002 variable at ednet.co.uk wrote:
> > It depends which exchange point is hit.  There are a couple of buildings
> > in London which if hit would have a disasterous affect on UK and European
> > peering.
> Why hit buildings when removing relatively small number of people will
> render Internet pretty much defunct.  It does not fly itself (courtesy to
> the acute case of featuritis developed by top vendors).
> Feeling safer?
> --vadim

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