Risk of Internet collapse grows

David Diaz techlist at smoton.net
Wed Nov 27 14:29:45 UTC 2002

Actually, I think we should all be more concerned that in most metro 
cities, there is always 1 major mega CO.  In the CO, not only do the 
RBOCs have tremendous critical technology aggregated there, but 
almost every telcom provider also locates key technology and network 
there.  Knocking out that facility would critically damage both voice 
and data in that region.  It is also a critical interconnect point 
btw operators since they all happen to be there.

Does anyone still remember that event in Atlanta where worldcom lost 
power in one of their facilities after a storm knocked out power, and 
the generator had contaminated fuel (circa 1997).  That had a major 
affect on communications and we are not even talking RBOC CO.

At 5:46 -0800 11/27/02, Eliot Lear wrote:
>Yah, the abstract indicates what most of us already know.  Good 
>coverage and redundancy options in urban areas; less so for rural 
>areas.  Why should this shock anyone?  Imminent death of the 'net is 
>*not predicted ;-)


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