Risk of Internet collapse grows

David Diaz davediaz at smoton.net
Wed Nov 27 14:22:24 UTC 2002

Exactly my thought.  I didnt mention it for fear of rambling.  But 
there are areas of limited redundancy, and those are larger targets. 
I used to receive "interesting" messages from rebels in S. America 
because at the time we were working with some of the larger companies 
down there by hosting their sites, and running IP connections.  An 
attack at key sites like landing centers etc could cut off a lot of 
S. America.

It was also a selling point pushed by people like PanAmSat that would 
claim it was hard to knock out a bird, and they were going direct to 
each customer.

It does seem that most hostile groups out there are more interested 
in something more gory then saying "ha we have denied the infidels 
their spam this week..."

At 13:28 +0000 11/27/02, variable at ednet.co.uk wrote:
>On Wed, 27 Nov 2002, David Diaz wrote:
>>  I think this is old news.  There was a cover story back in 1996 time
>>  frame on  Mae_east.  We have to ask how likely is this with many of
>>  the top backbones doing private peering over local loops, how much
>>  damage would occur if an exchange point where hit?
>It depends which exchange point is hit.  There are a couple of buildings
>in London which if hit would have a disasterous affect on UK and European
>What about fibre landing stations?  Are these diverse enough?  Again, most
>of the transatlantic fibre (for the UK) appears to come in near Lands End.


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