Risk of Internet collapse grows

David Diaz davediaz at smoton.net
Wed Nov 27 13:20:41 UTC 2002

I think this is old news.  There was a cover story back in 1996 time 
frame on  Mae_east.  We have to ask how likely is this with many of 
the top backbones doing private peering over local loops, how much 
damage would occur if an exchange point where hit?

I have 2 different questions.  1) In the current environment, are 
peering circuits running fuller then in previous years.  I ask after 
there has been questions on UUNET/L3 Capacity in europe etc.  If the 
case is so, then an attack in one peering location/region might cause 
major problems as other peering sessions become overloaded.

2)  Wouldnt an attach on particular servers that are NOT redundant 
have a more significant affect?  Are microsoft's servers mirrored?

Just posing a scenario.

Thought this might be worth passing on:

There is a recent book out called "Linked: The New Science of 
Networks" which details the potential for causing widespread Internet 
damage by targeting a few hubs instead of random or widespread 
attacks against large numbers of hosts.  This simulation seems to 
backup the author's concerns.



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