virus or? (Those crazy ICG folk)

Joe Wood joew at
Tue Nov 26 06:28:50 UTC 2002

It appears to be caused by an someone replying to all, instead of just the
originator of the message. Since most of the recipients were role accounts
under a ticketing system, the auto-responders took over, creating an
interesting loop; It provides a good reason why an auto-responder should
strip out the Cc: when sending a response.

The original message is below, although I still question its intent.

Please don't reply to the message if you receive it, it should die out.


>   Hello, my name is Jim I am the Transport NOC Manager at ICG
> Telecommunications.  I would like to know if you will be working under a
> moratorium during the holidays?  I am also interested in building a solid
> working relationship between our departments.  Please respond with contact
> information so that we can begin working together.
> Sincerely,
> Jim Meslovich
> NOC Transport Manager
> W Ph. 303-414-8087
> Pager 303-826-6931
> Cell  303-915-6344
> James_Meslovich at

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002, Joe Abley wrote:

> On Monday, Nov 25, 2002, at 22:31 Canada/Eastern, Randy Rostie wrote:
> > We received the following email, with an incredible number of email
> > addresses in the cc: field. We did not even get the original message.
> > Maybe someone has a virus on their computer?
> Maybe someone forwarded all the addresses to a public mailing list
> which is archived on the web in multiple places, and the addresses got
> harvested by spammers?
> Oh well, if not, I'm sure it will happen shortly.
> Joe

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