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Mon Nov 25 18:11:22 UTC 2002

On Mon, 25 Nov 2002 10:43:35 GMT, Michael.Dillon at  said:
> Do you know how much traffic the high resolution MPEG4 video/audio stream 
> from an oven uses!?

I do believe MPEG4 supports delta compression between frames.  If there's
enough delta between frames that you have any significant traffic, it's
probably an indicator of movement such as flames, and therefor sending it
to the 3G phone will be pointless, as said 3G phone had better be in use
to call the local fire brigade.

I also submit for consideration the observation that "high resolution"
is probably not needed - in general, if you can tell where on the dough-colored
to black-colored progression the biscuits are, the resolution is high enough.

> allows the customer to zoom in on a hotspot on the surface of the turkey 
> to better evaluate whether to switch the oven from roast to broil.

This would probably only require small changes to the already-existing Toaster
MIB. I would however suggest an offsite backup turkey in case your oven isn't
patched against CERT CA-2002-03.

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