Odd DDoS, anyone else seen this?

Stephen J. Wilcox steve at telecomplete.co.uk
Mon Nov 25 14:16:01 UTC 2002

> > Can anyone think of a reason why this sort of traffic should be routed at 
> > all?  Does anyone actually drop hosts on to addresses ending in x.x.x.0?
> > 
> Yer, some dial providers that I've seen do it to make use of these
> addresses, as x.x.x.0/32 is a perfectly valid host address.

Interestingly we used to use /22s on our dial boxes and as a result of users
with .0 or .255 addresses finding access problems to some areas of the Internet
we stopped assigning them.

Its curious just how many systems on the Internet are misconfigured or run
software created by folks without proper understanding of the network protocols
(M$). I wonder to what extent this poor engineering is detrimental to the ever
changing Internet and if we'll hit a point where theres so many workarounds it
becomes unmanageable.. (hmm, we might be pretty close from some of the things
I've seen ;)

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