Fire in Data Centre of Twente University, Netherlands

Erik-Jan Bos Erik-Jan.Bos at
Wed Nov 20 22:34:08 UTC 2002


Wouter van Hulten wrote:

> [Update 20/11/2002 12:30] At this moment the ICT-heart of the university of
> Twente is burning. The so-called TWRC-building houses the central systems of
> the university, all servers and PCs will be lost and various affiliated
> institutes are without Internet connectivity.
> [...]
> Hosting and colo company Virtu, the neighbour of the university, has
> provided an IP adress for the University. Further announcements are made
> available on, a abbreviated copy of the
> university website.

Besides that the University of Twente at Enschede (UTwente) and various
affiliated institutes lost many resources, SURFnet completely lost
their PoP in Enschede, inclusing 10 customer connections. All routing
and switching gear went up in flames.

Because of this the following institutions will not be reachable for
some time:
 * University Twente (UTwente)               (
 * Saxion Hogeschool Enschede                (
 * Instituut voor Leerplanontwikkeling (SLO) (
 * ITC Enschede                              (,
 * Telematica Instituut                      (
 * Open University Deventer                  (,
 * Open University Enschede                  (,

UTwente has dedicated a new building for ICT, and in this building
the new SURFnet PoP will be built. New routing and switching gear
is on its way to Enschede now, and our infrastructure suppliers are
working hard to get our fiber and copper into the new building.

Our current expectation is to be up and running again before the
upcoming weekend starts.


Erik-Jan Bos
Manager Network Services SURFnet
Utrecht, The Netherlands

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