Suggestions for ASP colo space that will be around in 3 years?

Paul Vixie vixie at
Tue Nov 19 22:45:31 UTC 2002

> Should have mentioned - West Coast. Currently in  San Jose area.  LA 
> would be OK, too.

PAIX has a switch at 200 Paul Street, San Francisco (which is excellent for
dogs and ponies, since there's no wasted money on man traps but there's a
huge investment and obvious attention to detail everywhere else.)

There's also Telehouse, in Santa Clara and Los Angeles.  (I'm not suggesting
PAIX Palo Alto because if you're an ASP you probably want more than 10 racks
and you're probably planning to generate "host-level" heat from all of them.)

None of those places will be kicking anybody out, within three years, or
likely ever.  (The qualification you should be looking for is "cash positive.")

Elsewhere in San Francisco, the landlord of Abovenet's old 365 Main facility
is planning to reopen it -- see for some details.  (The meet-me
room there was originally built to be a PAIX, and we were very proud of it.)
Paul Vixie

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