Suggestions for ASP colo space that will be around in 3 years?

Christopher J. Wolff chris at
Tue Nov 19 21:47:20 UTC 2002

Steve, I feel confident that we'll be around for 3 years; however, our
facility is not elegant, it's industrial in every sense of the word.  If
you feel the need to be elegant I'll gladly throw in a string of pearls
with your order :)

Christopher J. Wolff, CIO
Broadband Laboratories, Inc.

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Subject: Suggestions for ASP colo space that will be around in 3 years?

We're being booted from one of our main colo data centers by C&W closing

down that facility.

Our main priorities for picking a new data center to locate in are:
1. not having to move again within three years
2. physical security (or at least the impression thereof.  We don't have

unprotected consoles or anything, but as an ASP, we need an impressive 
facility for dog and pony shows.)
3. multiple providers (preferably carrier neutral, but so long as we can

get 1Gb from another provider, even if via something like Telseon, 
that's OK.)

Our other main datacenter is in an Equinix site, so for risk management,

we don't want to go into any other Equinix site.

So anyone have any insight as to who will be around within 3 years?


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