Even the New York Times withholds the address

blitz blitz at macronet.net
Tue Nov 19 18:43:44 UTC 2002

One last addition to this idiotic water idea.. since the water doesn't get 
up there to the reservoir on the roof by itself, add your costs of huge 
pumps, plus the cost of pumping it up there, and a less than 100% 
efficiency in converting falling water to electricity. Also, add heating it 
in the winter to keep it liquid instead of solid, decontamination chemicals 
(cant have any Leigonella bacillus growing in there in the summer) Its all 
moot, as the weight factor makes this a non-starter.


You cant store large amounts of propane inside an occupied building, I cant 
imagine any FD allowing it. We had an example in a nearby city some years 
ago, a 500 gallon propane tank leaked  and exploded inside a brick 
building, leveled a city block and killed 12 firefighters. Nahh...

Fuel cells, run on natural gas are the best idea I've heard to date, and 
the safest if you're confined to upper floors, but youre talking BIG $$$ 
here...whats wrong with batteries, a natural gas genny and a converter 
system, telco style? If this is all about diesel storage, why not put the 
tanks/gennys in the basement or lower more secure floors? (Im assuming 
burial is out of the question in NYC) That way a small day tank would 
suffice at the upper floors.


>Now, figure out how many kw you need to run a telecom hotel, and you'll
>know just how large your tank needs to be (and how much weight the
>building structure is going to have to support).  Even if you assume
>100% efficiency, the tank is still going to me, um, rather largish.
>     -- Brett

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