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David Lesher wb8foz at nrk.com
Tue Nov 19 15:05:20 UTC 2002

> Thus spake "Johannes Ullrich" <jullrich at euclidian.com>
> > The article is comparing the relatively 'inert' diesel fuel to
> > the aircraft fuel that caused the devastation at the WTC.
> > Did the authors of this article ever hear about heating oil tanks?

Unnamed Administration sources reported that Stephen Sprunk said:
> Jet fuel ak.a kerosene is essentially the same thing as diesel.  The only reason
> it's 'inert' is that it's too dense to explode like gasoline.  You have to mix
> in oxidizers (e.g. fertilizer) or atomize it mechanically (e.g. BLU-82) before
> ignition if you want a big boom.

Essentially is a big understatement.

Jet A **is** Kerosene. The highest grade, best inspected, Kero
around, but still Kero. When it flunks one of those 20-odd tests,
it's sold off as Kero. (At ~~40% of the JetA price...)

Diesel, and #2 Heating Oil are slightly thicker but in this context
not a whole lot different. [Diesel has a higher 'cetane' rating,
very roughly equivalent to octane in gasoline..] Note that Conrail
burn[ed,s] Kero in their locomotives; not sure why.

Eons ago, [it seems..] I worked at a tank farm where we ..spooled..
hundreds of thousands of barrels [1 bbl == 42 USGal.] of gasoline
and 'distillates' through local storage [tanks]. As I recall,
we pumped the major airport 10 miles away just shy of half a
million gallons of Jet A per day.

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