Mike (meuon) Harrison meuon at
Tue Nov 19 00:17:35 UTC 2002

> >It also appears to block Gnutella and similar protocols.
> 	You should never sign an IP access agreement that doesn't give you access to
> the filtering rules that affect your traffic. Ideally, you should strongly

We have not signed a thing. If I even attempted to explain the complex
political fiasco that got us here, even Nanog members would be shocked.
And as interested parties are on this list (I got a call already) 
and monitoring this discussion, I'll refrain. 

Theoretically, the other end of this 100mbps connection is 
Gig-E and is costing $20-30g/month.. we are testing it for
suitability for our purposes... so far it is not making the grade.
We've been spoiled by a UUnet and AT&T connection. :)

For those that wanted the bad (140 lines of perl) speed check CGI, 
No, it's not secure or very bright.. It's a quick idiot check
and is very useful, especially when it can use an suid'd MTR. 

And lastly, THANK YOU for all the testing, the marvelous traceroutes
and data collected and the personal (mostly off-list) e-mails regarding

   --Mike-- alpha/beta-testing

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