Simulated disaster exercise? Re: PAIX

Kurt Erik Lindqvist kurtis at
Mon Nov 18 20:30:53 UTC 2002

> In the 1990's the MAEs and Gigaswitches would give us an unscheduled
> failure of a major exchange point on a regular basis, which let us
> demostrate our disaster recovery capabilities.  With the improved
> reliability, i.e. the PAIXes haven't had a catastrophic failure, we
> haven't had as many opportunities to demonstrate how well we can handle
> a disaster at those locations.
> Without creating an actual disaster, what if all the providers turned 
> off
> their BGP sessions with other providers at a PAIX (or Equinix or LINX 
> or
> where ever), both through the shared switch and private point-to-point
> links, for an hour.  More than likely no one would notice, but then
> we would have some hard data.  Individually providers have tested 
> parts of
> their own network, but I haven't heard of any coordinated efforts to 
> test
> recovery across all the service providers in a particular location.
This was more or less done in Sweden two weeks ago. In Stockholm there 
are two sites located in Government own locations. We migrated one of 
these sites to a new location, and then shut down "one of the halves" 
for around 8 hours.

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- kurtis -

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