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Mon Nov 18 19:42:55 UTC 2002

Wow, well Im in the SE.  Matter of fact, I did get adsl and sdsl from 
2 different providers on the same line.  Maybe I can multihome ;-)

Telocity seems to be doing a decent job lately, however they seemed 
to be doing some maint yesterday as it was the 1st time I noticed any 
issues.  Oh Telocity is dtv owned now.

It would be curious to see how the cable/dsl providers are doing 
lately.  I know cox has a buildout going to ashburn and will be doing 
peering.  Wonder if that is going to help or hurt latency and packet 
loss.  Depends if they decide not to continue upgrading their transit 
circuits (it would seem to me).

I usually say more peering is a good thing.  Hopefully the new 
broadband players will have a more open peering policy and KEEP it 
that way.  Seems once people get close to tier1 they close it again. 
Like a 2yr window opening and closing.


At 11:29 -0800 11/18/02, just me wrote:
>On Mon, 18 Nov 2002, David Diaz wrote:
>   In the real world however, yes, off several dsl links Im seeing those
>   levels to various sites, I think it's more a factor of congested
>   peering links or traffic aggregation at a hub.  People arent spending
>   the money to upgrade links right now.
>I should move to whichever shangri-la you reside in; How about 4
>seconds from a sfba SBC dsl link to
>Correlating data to other points on the net seems to suggest the
>problem isn't congested peering :)
>Shame on you, pacbell.
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