Mike (meuon) Harrison meuon at
Mon Nov 18 19:46:51 UTC 2002

I am testing a Cogent 100mbps connection with a simple
web based speed test check.. 

Can I beg those of you on real high bandwidth connections 
various places on the 'net to run the speed test check on:

It logs your IP and speed.. I am trying to determine how
good this connection is. During the day it seems awfully slow
from a lot of places that I have access to. 
It also appears to block Gnutella and similar protocols. 

Any comments regarding using Cogent as an upstream
would be appreciated (in private?). This is a 'freebie'
for a few more days... 

Mike Harrison 
Real job:  mike at  423-266-6536

Helping test a city sponsored metronet:

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