Stephen Sprunk ssprunk at
Mon Nov 18 17:59:37 UTC 2002

Thus spake "Daniel Golding" <dgold at FDFNet.Net>
> Is this sort of radiology data sent over private lines or the public
> internet? What are the bandwidth demands?
> Not a good reason for extensive local peering, but a very interesting
> application.

I've only seen companies pushing this data around between their own sites; for
instance a remote clinic with just general practitioners may send films to a
central hospital for analysis, or one hospital may send films to another
hospital when their staff radiologist is out to lunch or on vacation.

BW, of course, depends on how fast you want the transfers to go.  The film files
are in the hundreds of MB range, and providers are upgrading from FT1 FR to FT3
ATM at major sites.


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