Stephen Sprunk ssprunk at
Mon Nov 18 17:34:10 UTC 2002

Thus spake "David Diaz" <techlist at>
> I agree with everything said Stephen except the part about the
> medical industry.  There are a couple of very large companies doing
> views over an IP backbone down here.  Radiology is very big on
> networking.  They send your films or videos over the network to where
> the Radiologist is.  For example one hospital owns about 6 others
> down here, and during off hours like weekends etc, the 5 hospitals
> transmit their films to where the 1 radiologist on duty is.

I meant my reply to be directed only at "telemedecine", where the patient is at
home and consults their general practitioner or primary care physician via
broadband for things like the flu or a broken arm.  While there's lots of talk
about this in sci-fi books, there's no sign of this making any significant
inroads today, nor does it qualify as a "killer app" for home broadband.

I do work with several medical companies who push radiology etc. around on the
back end for resource-sharing and other purposes.  This is quite real today, and
is driving massive bandwidth upgrades for healthcare providers.  However, I
don't think it qualifies under most people's idea of telemedecine.


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