What? : Delivery Status Notification (Failure) (fwd)

Rafi Sadowsky rafi-nanog at meron.openu.ac.il
Sat Nov 16 14:18:53 UTC 2002

me too :-(


## On 2002-11-16 15:07 +0100 Andre Chapuis typed:

AC> Yes I do too...
AC> Andrי
AC> ----- Original Message -----
AC> From: "Stephen J. Wilcox" <steve at telecomplete.co.uk>
AC> To: <nanog at merit.edu>
AC> Sent: Saturday, November 16, 2002 1:28 PM
AC> Subject: What? : Delivery Status Notification (Failure) (fwd)
AC> >
AC> > anyone else receiving a large number of bounces from nanog deliveries to
AC> >the below address dated over the past 3 months?
AC> > anyone at shure.com care to stop it as they're still coming!

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