Next NANOG meeting/stats

Susan Harris srh at
Fri Nov 15 20:16:38 UTC 2002

The next NANOG meeting will be held February 9-11, 2003, in Phoenix,
Arizona, where it will be warm and sunny. Registration opens January 2.
Our hosts for this meeting are Rodney Joffe and UltraDNS. Rodney, this is
the third time you've hosted NANOG, and we are very grateful for your
long-term support!

Below are some stats from our last meeting and an update on the list.
			     NANOG 26 
		    Eugene, Oregon, Oct. 27-29
	Hosted by Sprint and the University of Oregon (thank you!)

   Total attendees:  			505 
   Speakers:  				 35 (3 panels)
   Total attending both NANOG & ARIN	 93

   NAPs represented:	   	     	  8
   Univ/college/schools 		 16
   Asia/Pacific/Africa 			 36
   Europe				 17

   Attendees representing vendors       104
   Attendees representing ISPs          213
   R&E                                   63
   Other (gov't., software vendor,
     content, consultant)               125

   Wireless card loans: 		 49 
   Largest simultaneous # of 
      wireless users:		        400

   Concurrent RealMedia viewers:        up to 101
   Concurrent multicast viewers:       ~20 to 30 
   Unique multicast viewers:           ~50 to 100 

   Meeting coordination:  Merit 
   Squid cache:           Measurement Factory
   Sponsors:              Foundry, Adlex, Arbor
			  Cisco, Force10, Juniper
		          Packet Design, Seranoa, Redback

			NANOG Email List Stats

Direct NANOG subscribers   5927
nanog-post		   4635
nanog-announce	   	    533
nanog-digest	            809

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