Blocking specific sites within certain countries.

alex at alex at
Fri Nov 15 16:06:04 UTC 2002

> > Who is 'they', Patrick ? Suppose Spain introduces that law. Fine, but
> > that doesn't mean that other countries have to (or will ever) abide by
> > that. Certainly in the U.S. you won't find that many who would support
> > even the idea.
> This thread was started 'cause the Spanish (?) government wanted to do 
> blocking.  So it would stop all the people in Spain.  And I seriously doubt 
> they care what the US government or its citizens do outside of Spain.

This is not correct. Such laws tend to cover whatever is shown to the
Spanish citizens, no matter by whom. One can be not really concerned about
it if one has good lawers. Otherwise one would end up in the position Google
and Yahoo ended up in Germany.


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