David Diaz techlist at
Fri Nov 15 01:52:08 UTC 2002

Voice of reason...

The only possible reason I can think of is if these data networks 
replace the present voice infrastructure.  Think about it, if we 
really all do replace our phones with some video screen like in the 
movies, then yes, most of those calls stay local within the cities. 
Mom calling son etc etc

So we can think of these "peering centers" as replacements for the 
5-10 COs in most average cities.

Otherwise what apps require such dense peering.

At 14:44 -0800 11/14/02, Vadim Antonov wrote:
>On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, David Diaz wrote:
>>  2) There is a lack of a killer app requiring peering every 100 sq Km.
>Peering every 100 sq km is absolutely infeasible.  Just think of the
>number of alternative paths routing algorithms wil lhave to consider.
>Anything like that would require serious redesign of Internet's routing

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