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Used to be when it first came out, Wired was a mag the best quality printing
on no substance I had ever seen, really seemed like a borderline artist mag.
The colors were amazing.  I see now, upon looking at a recent issue, their
content seems to have improved dramatically.


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> Wired covered several of these topics in their August issue.
> The article points out several subtle, yet fundamental,
> changes that happen socially and psychologically once the
> broadband network is available everywhere, to virtually
> everyone, all the time.  We have yet to experience this in
> the US. I suspect that when it happens, it will be much
> different than we expect it to be, technically and
> otherwise.
> We still have to remember that for all the hype about the
> Internet, the killer app is still email and instant
> messenging. The "killer apps" on Internet2 (video
> conferencing, digital libraries, media-rich collaboration),
> which give some indication of what the future killer app
> will be, seem to be equally mundane (but exciting at the
> same time).
> Pete.
> On Thu, 14 Nov 2002 fkittred at wrote:
> > On Thu, 14 Nov 2002 10:22:09 -0500  David Diaz wrote:
> > > 2) There is a lack of a killer app requiring peering every 100 sq Km.
> >
> > I recommend some quality time with journals covering South
> > Korea, broadband, online gaming and video rental.

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