C&W east coast flap this afternoon?

Jonathan Disher jdisher at parad.net
Wed Nov 13 16:32:32 UTC 2002

On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Peter Salus wrote:

> C&W is divesting itself of a lot of "real estate" these
> days.  It struck a deal with Primus concerning its
> voice customers (last week), now its DSL customers to
> New Edge.

New Edge is also getting their non-enterprise (i.e. T1, frac DS3)
customers.  We got our first strong-arm letter on October 11th threatening
disconnection if we didn't sign a migration authorization.  Yesterday we
got notice that our T1's get shut off on December 31st.

> Moreover, the BBC reports today that C&W is cutting 3500 jobs
> worldwide and "also announced heavy losses."  C&W announced
> that it was cutting 23 of its 42 "data centres around the
> world."
> (The losses this past year exceed $6.5 Billion.)

This doesn't surprise me.  Exodus lost their shirts buying GlobalCenter.
Then C&W bought Exodus.  Granted, it's not the only reason for losing
money.  But it's undoubtedly a big contributor.


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